who is this guy  This started in the summer of 2022, as a temporary thing, to make everybody smile again after covid.  We had all withdrawn a bit and the music was my way of connecting us again.

I play to the audience in the moment and choose lyrics and rhythms, that engage and activate. I shy away from pop, and prefer quality production and performance from any age or genre. I've done my job well when I see a smile, movement and a look that says 'dance with me'.

As a result, so many of you have been so kind with your praise, smiles and encouragement, that . . .
yes, I'm going to stick with it. Thank you.

djFeck's Website is Crap  Ya Ya. I know. More tips, makes a better Website. ;-)

But I also need better pictures of me playing around town. Take your time, take nice ones and send them to me at

The best ones will end up in the renovated site.

where are you playing  You can find me at places like Sunset Beach, English Bay, Robson Square, Gas Town, Olympic Village, the Federal Pier in North Vancouver or at low tide some place.

If I get time, I'll add Text Notifications some time. For now, with a sunny evening, warm weather and a bit of luck you'll hear some cool new tunes somewhere near you.

do you play at parties  Yes, I love to play at parties and corporate functions, and I still have week night openings available for residencies (restaurants & cafes only). Drop a note to

and we'll work out the details.

oh the nice things you say!


thanks for making this world a better place


stunning vibes


this sunset thanks to you was amazing!!!


I really enjoyed the sunset tonight with your music - it created a sense of tranquility


Really cool vibes, always my 1 year old loves it
djFECK - "Because children just naturally know what to do. Dance."


Thanks for a magical sunset

Every hour of music you hear, represents an average of six hours of searching multiple sources, previewing hundreds of tracks, checking lyrics and tweaking files, to prepare a good set for you.  I hope you can share a little love, so I can continue to bring you new and amazing music.
Cheers djFeck ♥ ♥ ♥